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Daniel Johnson Fragrance - Artemis

Daniel Johnson is an Award-Winning, International, Male Grooming Expert and Scalp Micro Pigmentation specialist in the UK. He is one of the most renowned names in the industry and recognised globally. Daniel has recently launched his new luxury fragrance 'ARTEMIS' used by many professional athletes and celebrities worldwide. Daniels unique styling aesthetic delivers the perfect cocktail of glamour, sex-appeal, style and luxury. Daniel constantly updates his clients looks with the very best personalised colour and design whilst setting new trends.

Daniel is currently Panasonics Global Ambassador for Grooming.

A galaxy of star clients

While Daniels clients include members of the fashion, finance, film, sport and music elite his services are designed to elevate the style of any man. Daniel has carved his niche as one of the industry's leading stylists here and internationally. A regular at international fashion weeks and a celebrity favourite, Daniel is in high demand and his loyal clientele seek his team's international education and expertise in the elite market place.

Daniel Johnson