Daniel Johnson

Client Portfolio

Daniel Johnson's client base is worldwide. He sets hair trends on and off TV, and is now one of the most talked about stylist in the hair industry.

  • Paul McShane

    Paul McShane

    Top Performance - Very happy with my new hair style. A big thumbs up for Daniel.

  • Jordan Mutch

    Jordan Mutch

    Thanks Daniel, great service. Spot on each and everytime.

  • Adel Taarabt

    Adel Taarabt

    Daniel turns up to all locations does his job very well provides a bespoke service.

  • Armand Traore

    Armand Traore

    Ready every game with a new Daniel J haircut... A cut above the rest!

  • Chris Samba

    Chris Samba

    He is the best at what he does.

  • Chris Eagles

    Chris Eagles

    When I'm down in London there's only one guy to use, Dan creates the most amazing styles.

  • Nemanja Vidic

    Nemanja Vidic

    When I get a haircut from Daniel I feel better and play better he's a cut above the rest.

  • Lewis Young

    Lewis Young

    Been cutting my hair for years, top hairstylist and provides a prestigious service.

  • Hogan Ephraim

    Hogan Ephraim

    Top trim by my guy Daniel J... Sharp!

  • Danny Simpson

    Danny Simpson

    My hair is pretty difficult to style so Daniel uses a lot of different products when he cuts it. It was only a matter of time before he brought out his own range.

  • Tjaronn Chery

    Tjaronn Chery

    Top man. Fresh trim for the new season!

  • Anderson Oliveira

    Anderson Oliveira

    When it came to having a new hairstyle, I could only get one man to do it.

  • Gabriel Agbonlahor

    Gabriel Agbonlahor

    Scissor and razor edge finish for the England game. Daniel is a very good.

  • John Terry

    John Terry

    Cheers Dan! Haircut was proper... Top man!

Daniel Johnson