Daniel Johnson

Client Portfolio

Daniel Johnson's client base is worldwide. He sets hair trends on and off TV, and is now one of the most talked about stylist in the hair industry.

  • Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Razor edge finish always for the big games.

  • Morgan Schneiderlin

    Morgan Schneiderlin

    Love my new look. Thanks Dan.

  • Anthony Martial

    Anthony Martial

    Always gives me a designer cut! Thanks Daniel.

  • Lee Cattermole

    Lee Cattermole

    Thanks Dan, Top job as usual.

  • Sebastian Larsson

    Sebastian Larsson

    Fresh cut for my appearance today! Thanks DJ!

  • David Meyler

    David Meyler

    Shaped up my beard nicely! Thanks Dan.

  • Sam Westley

    Sam Westley

    Top trim by DJ for the final game of the season...

  • Marcin Wasilewski

    Marcin Wasilewski

    Very happy with my designer cut Dan.

  • Federico Fazio

    Federico Fazio

    Top designer scissor cut by Daniel J. Styled ready for my game.

  • Hugo Lloris

    Hugo Lloris

    I can save goals in style now! Hair cut was perfect. Ready for the internationals.

  • Nathan Dyer

    Nathan Dyer

    Got that new look before the game. Top barber.

  • Ryan Taylor

    Ryan Taylor

    Works wonders with the scissors. Top lad! Thanks DJ.

  • Yann M Villa

    Yann M Villa

    Sharp haircut from Daniel. Looks after me before my big games.

  • Medhi Benatia

    Medhi Benatia

    When I'm in the UK, Daniel always keeps my hair looking good and in style.

Daniel Johnson