Daniel Johnson



Meso4Men Launch

The exclusive launch of MicropigMANtation and Meso4Men took place last week at Mahiki, London. The event was hosted by founders Dawn Forshaw of Finishing Touches Group (FTG) and Matt Iulo of ScalpMicroUSA, who have partnered to launch this exciting global project.

MicropigMANtation and Meso4Men are the latest edition to the FTG cosmetic, aesthetic and medical tattooing and mesotherapy training portfolio. The treatment can be offered by tricologists, doctors, technicians and barbers.  

Scalp micropigmentation can be applied to much wider range of hair loss variations than hair transplant surgery; from general balding to hairline recession, to burn or surgery related hair loss, and of course alopecia (most commonly alopecia areata). It can be also utilised to conceal hair transplant scars or blemishes as a result of trauma to the head. The method can even be adapted to blend noticeable birthmarks into the scalp. Whilst scalp tattooing has been around since the late 90’s the FTG technique is unique in so much as it iscombining permanent and semi-permanent hair loss techniques, allowing men with male pattern baldness the opportunity of choosing 24/7 scalp coverage. 

The technqiue is also being championed by world renowned celebrity barber and ambassador for Panasonic UK, Daniel Johnson. Johnson flies all over the world to create bespoke and intricate hairlines and styles for his clients but until now he had no way of creating a new hairline or filling in irregular gaps. He was so impressed by the FTG MicropigMANtation system and Meso4Men that he is now training himself and has set up his own scalp centre to offer scalp pigmentation.

Daniel Johnson