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Daniel Johnson - Exclusive Interview

This month Daniel Johnson featured on the cover of Professional Player Magazine.

Inside the magazine is an exclusive interview titled "A Cut Above" with celebrity hairdresser Daniel Johnson. Below is an excerpt from the cover story:

So Daniel, we hear you started cutting hair at 12 and had your own shop by 16. Is this true?

As a kid I always liked to be different and growing up in St Albans, I went to countless barbers but none could do the hairstyle i wanted – a simple skim, fade on the side and curls on top, so i had to venture into London. It always into a full day out and, given the expense involved, I decided to but my own clippers. It started out as a bit of banter, doing my friends and family, and then I started doing my own hair. Before long i was cutting hair for the whole of my year at school, nicking a few quid here and there, and had built up a reputation for myself.

Who taught you what to do?

I had no formal training at all. I started with wet-look styles and mohawks, then i got into the afros. I was sketching and soon got into the knack of doing swirls, lines, and my work went to a whole new level. I could create a sunset scene of a naked girl on the beach, on the back of someones head! Everything just blew up. There was a real demand for the styles I was doing.

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Daniel Johnson