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How often is it that you are watching a big football match or walking past a billboard featuring top International football stars and wondered 'How do they look so on trend'?

Well, It is all down to the amazing craft of the renowned celebrity groomer/stylist, Daniel Johnson, who has a portfolio that reads like a who's who of the top footballing elite.

Whether it's trimming Wayne Rooney or styling Jermain Defoe, nobody else can match the high standards required for living your life in the largest public spotlight.

He is the man responsible for the biggest trending haircuts in the world- how many people remember the infamous 'Balotelli' or indeed when Gareth Bale signed for Real Madrid? Well, it was all down to the creative genius of Daniel who managed to mix style and substance in a creative way and, in the process, create a whole new niche for himself as the 'go to man' for all the top players worldwide.

For Daniel it is a simple formula..'Work hard, and look impeccable whilst doing it'. This ethos has enabled him to become a multi award winner whose brand is synonymous with working with the most respected individuals in the world.

As well as having his own popular online show, #STYLE, Daniel has also just signed an exclusive partnership deal with the flagship brand PANASONIC, which sees him become the UK Ambassador for all their male grooming products.

Daniel has added a unique procedure to his brand Scalp Micropigmentation which can restore receded hairlines,camouflage transplant scaring. Create the look of close cropped hair. Produces immediate results! You will soon be seeing & hearing about Daniel's unique procedure everywhere!

Daniel Johnson